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Re: [SLUG] Re: Two concurrent Gnome Desktops? (Shaun Butler)

Jeff Waugh wrote:
<quote who="Shaun Butler">

- Audio Device - Gnome says that there is no audio device on the second user whereas it is working fine one the desktop/session of the first user

This is either because the second user is not in the audio group or because
the first user has already opened the device, and the hardware only supports
a single writer.

- Digital Camera - When I plugged my digital camera in and tried to download my photos using gtkam, I was unable to "connect" to the camera in the second user's session but I was able to successfully connect using gtkam in the first user' session

Almost certainly also a group issue.

- Jeff

You seem to have nailed it on the head. It is a permissions issue, though it keeps manifesting itself whenever a user logs out and back in again - somehow during the login process, the device has its ownership and permissions reset to 600.

I'm going to do some further poking around to see what I can see...