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Re: [SLUG] Exporting applications from windows?

James Gregory wrote:

On Sat, 2005-02-05 at 19:08 +1100, Karl Bowden wrote:
Is it possible to have an application running remotely on a Windows machine but appareing locally on a linux machine? I have been playing arround with rdesktop and a win2k machine. But I have only been able to export a complete desktop. What I am looking for is something more similar to the way X applications can be forwarded over a ssh session. If I am missing something obvious please clip me arround the ears, but a feature like this would much ease the transition to linux at my place of work.

In *theory* you should be able to take the GDI implementation from Wine,
drop that into the directory that your application is installed (the
Windows equivalent of LD_PRELOAD), set an environment variable, make an
offering to the god of dynamic linking, and have it turn the GDI API
calls into X data that you can display on any X server.

In practice though, I don't think anyone's got that to work
successfully. It's worth digging around for, or similarly for people
using other GDI replacements to do the same thing.

What Windows apps do you need? Maybe using Wine directly would be an



I have tried the apps window wine. But the apps are made by automotive manafactures, and even only bearly run under windows. :-(
The GDI replacement is an interesting idea though.

Karl Bowden