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Re: [SLUG] Exporting applications from windows?

<quote who="Ken Foskey">

> > Oh, VNC does the same.
> There is a subtle difference.  rdesktop provides a second session that is
> independent of any other logged on sessions.  VNC lets you take control of
> the PC screen, handy for support but not always required.

Until recently, this was not the case on X-based systems. The first version
of VNC included vncserver, which was an X server unto itself. Recent GNOME
and KDE releases have included current-display RFB export (and with xorg,
GNOME now uses the DAMAGE extension, which actually makes it usefully fast).

Search google, or the SLUG archives for "jdub gdm vnc" to see a cool recipe
for dynamic multiple logins with vncserver and gdm.

- Jeff

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