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Re: [SLUG] PIII with Gigabit NIC and SATA???

On Thu Feb 03, 2005 at 13:50:12 +1100, Joshua Bassett wrote:
>Hi Sluggers,
>Just a couple questions about machine specs:
>I''ve got a Debian file server setup for my home network, it's a PIII
>533 with 256mb RAM. If I put a gigabit NIC in it and a 250GB SATA
>drive, would the machine be powerful enough to shunt data to and fro
>at max speed? If not, what speed CPU would be suitable?

No you CPU is not nearly adequate, but that isn't the biggest problem.

The issue is your I/O bus speed. It is likely to be 32bit 33Mhz, which
is woefully inadequate for gigabit speeds. To obtain anything close to
full duplex gigait you need a 4GB/s bus bandwidth, which means 64bit/66mhz
minimum. Then you would want your SATA drive to be on a separate PCI bus.

Of course then acutally memory speed will start becoming an issue. Designing
a machine that will actually do that at full-speed is not simple and will end
up costing you a fiar bit.

Do you really need it at full speed though?