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Re: [SLUG] ubuntu newness

>>>>> "david" == david  <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

david> On Tue, 28 Sep 2004, David Fisher wrote:

>>  On Wed 28/9, David wrote:
>> >5: Sound. Inserting my favourite Mahler CD automatically started
>> up a CD >player (good!), but no sound came out (bad!). Maybe Ubuntu
>> doesn't like >Mahler.
>> This is totally unacceptable.  If it won't play Bruckner as well,
>> its war.
>> >MediaPlayer plays Gustav perfectly. A bit depressing really :(
>> A lot of Mahler can be like that. Stay away from the 9th Symphony
>> and Das Lied von der Erde.

david> damn.. that was the problem... 9th sympathy! But what's this?
david> didn't get any sympathy from Led Zeppelin either :( -- SLUG -

I suggest you get Bach to work ... fire up a mixer and make sure that
output is enabled from the CD and the volume control isn't on zero.
Then you can Lizten to your heart's content.

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