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Re: [SLUG] Modem Comms with Data Logger

On Tue, 21 Sep 2004 12:08, Peter Rundle wrote:
> Sluggers,
> I've been asked to look into interfacing a Linux system with a scientific
> data logger. So I'm looking for some advice, web links to rtfms etc to get
> me started on the best way to speak Linux to the loggers serial interface.
> Requirement 1.
> The logger needs to be contacted once a day and asked to download it's
> data. So far I've managed to get minicom to dial it and can interactively
> interface with it and see the data, but I need ideas on how to proceed in
> terms of writing a batch program to do same.

Ckermit will fullfill all your scripting and automated file transfer needs.

> Requirement 2.
> The logger can detect when environmental conditions have exceeded certain
> limits and then "phone home" with an alarm. So I need some sort of getty
> process listening for the modem to ring, then answer and recieve the data
> from the logger. Mgetty by default issues a login prompt, but the logger
> doesn't speak linux login, so ideas pointers on this requested.

How does it try to login? Does it come with a windows program to achieve the 


Graham Smith