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Re: [SLUG] Packages kept back

<quote who="indelible@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx">

> > > Whenever I apt-get update/upgrade a bunch of packages are listed as
> > > 'kept back'. What's the reason for this? How would I force upgrading
> > > the packages kept back?
> >
> > Try using apt-get dist-upgrade. This lets you upgrade packages that
> > might cause other changes to other packages installed on your system,
> > such as replacing or needing to remove something. I tend to use
> > dist-upgrade all the time when running unstable.
> Does this apply for testing (which I'm running) as well?


> How could I find out why a particular package is kept back? At the moment
> neiter samba nor cups packages are upgraded.

You'd have to investigate the dependencies and see why things have changed.
If you do apt-get upgrade -u and apt-get dist-upgrade -u, it will show you
all the packages it's going to modify, so you can compare to see what the
extra (or removed) packages are.

- Jeff

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