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Re: [SLUG] Another LaTeX question

On Tue, 2004-09-14 at 16:57 +1000, Michael Lake wrote:
> James Gregory wrote:
> > Once again I'm fighting the good fight trying to keep our documentation
> > available as PDF and HTML. I have the problem at the moment that I need
> > to include a huge table of error codes. One column of this table is a
> > wordy description of the error (a short paragraph or so). I found the
> > tabularx package which lets me wrap that column easily enough, but I
> > also need the table to split into multiple pages in the pdf version, and
> > produce a single big table in the HTML version. The "solution" I have at
> > the moment is pure kludge and I'd really like to find something less
> > awful.
> For splitting the table over pages in PDF look at supertabular or the 
> longtable. They automatically break the table at the end of the page and 
>   you get a "continued on next page" at the bottom of the page. Then on 
> the next page the table starts with "continued from previous page" and 
> on it goes. Its very neat.

I tried those but they didn't wrap the text inside the long column (or
at least I couldn't figure out how). I eventually found xtab which wraps
nicely *and* splits pages. I'm using it for the pdf generation now.

> Im not sure how latex2html or things of that ilk handle the longtable or 
> supertabulars. It will probably just fall back to a single table if luck 
> holds.

Alas, xtab doesn't work with latex2html, so there's now two copies of
this table, one using xtab, the other using tabularx. They get included
conditionally depending on what renderer is used. It's hideous but it

Thanks for your help,


James Gregory <james@xxxxxxxxxxx>

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