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Alan L Tyree wrote:
Has anyone had any (successful) experience with optical character
recognition software? I just tried gocr (whatever version is with Woody)
without a great deal of success, but I was working with a very poor

I have tried gocr and another one called clara. Neither were any good at all.

Clara required a lot of training and I didn't have much success rate on even clean text. But it is very flexible and you can train it for any type of character set e.g. Intuit or Linear-B :-)

gocr crashed quite often on 600 dpi scanned A4 pages.

I have not found anything that is anywhere near the ability of the commercial ocr packages that come with scanner software on Windows :-(

I'd be interested as well for something that was available.

Michael Lake
Chemistry, Materials & Forensic Science, UTS
Ph: 9514 1725 Fx: 9514 1460

UTS CRICOS Provider Code:  00099F
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