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Re: [SLUG] GRUB and RAID1.

On Sun, Sep 12, 2004 at 09:38:41PM +1000, James Gregory wrote:
> Hi all,
> I decided to try installing grub since all the cool kids seem to be
> doing it. It hasn't been going well so I'm hoping someone here can help
> out.
> First of all, the machine is running software RAID (RAID 1 on the
> partitions we're interested in here) and it's doing this with a
> Highpoint hpt374 controller that makes my two SATA drives look like
> plain old IDE devices.
> Now, some time ago I needed to install windows XP and it needed the
> first partition. Unfortunately that meant moving the contents of /boot
> to /home/boot and bind-mounting to keep both winxp and linux happy (they
> both needed bootable kernels close to the start of the disk and /home
> was the next partition along).
> Now, there's been a few problems with all this but the one I'm stuck on
> is how to get around this whole bind-mount conundrum. I have told it
> that root is hd0,6 (which seems sensible -- /dev/hd{e,g}7 are the two
> members of /dev/md4 which make up the / partition and I'm not expecting
> grub to carry a raid driver with it) but trying to install that gives me
> this:
> grub> root (hd0,6)
>  Filesystem type is xfs, partition type 0xfd
> grub> setup (hd0)
>  Checking if "/boot/grub/stage1" exists... no
>  Checking if "/grub/stage1" exists... no
> Error 15: File not found
> grub> 
> Now there is a /boot/grub/stage1, so I think to myself "grub-install is
> smarter than me, I'll let it figure this out", but it's even less
> helpful:
> [root@stravinsky root]# grub-install hd0
> /dev/md0 does not have any corresponding BIOS drive.
> how on earth it knows about /dev/md0 I'm not sure.
> My /boot/grub/device.map contains this:
> # this device map was generated by anaconda
> (fd0)     /dev/fd0
> (hd0)     /dev/hde
> (hd1)     /dev/hdg
> What do I need to do to get grub installed?

Use to have a similiar setup and then I changed to lilo it currently
knows about raid device and you can use the /dev/md partitions !

> Thanks,
> James.
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> James Gregory <james@xxxxxxxxxxx>

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