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[SLUG] Debian sarge on vmware

I've got a test server setup in vmware running sarge (2.6 kernel).

I've got two problems that I'm having trouble resolving:

The first is that I can't get X working. Yes I know X on a server
shouldn't be necessary on a server, but I'm playing with vmware. The
error I get is:

GDM: Xserver not found: /usr/X11R6/bin/X : -audit 0 auth
/var/lib/gdm/:0.Xauth -nolisten tcp vt7
Error: Command could not be executed!
Please install the X server or edit /etc/gdm/gdm.conf to point to the
right place.

Now I installed xfree68, but there is no X in that folder. Can anyone
give me an idea of where to start troubleshooting?

The other thing was in regard to installing the vmware tools. The menu
which is meant to do it, doesn't work (I think its because its not
designed to work with debian). Its asks if you want to and then doesn't
provide any feedback as to its lack of success. In the bottom left of
the vmware screen is says as it did before the attempt that the vmware
tools aren't installed.
Any help would be appreciated.


Robert Tillsley
Network Administrator
St Vincent's College