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Actually reiserfs4 is well and truly out, with features like meta-data searching (think winfs) that has also started up a kernel debate if the Linux kernel should support this feature better.

Also Reiserfs "does" multiple streams as of v4

Very extensive info on reiserfs is here

Also of note XFS has had meta-date search options for a while now and there is even software to gain usage of this feature try here

I use xfs and to be honest its never given me any problems.

As for ext3, Im not a fan I installed a whole pile of desktops with ext3 and it wasn't one of my better choices ie  Q why wont my machine log in.. Me "why does cat /etc/resolve.conf look like a file written in chinese"..  you get the idea.

I tried resierfs (ver 3.x) for a while cant remember any problems so I set it as the default until I tried xfs.

Beware xfs is very disappointing when first used but thats pretty normal just let xfs sort itself out over a few min and things start to whiz along fine.

On Sun, 2004-09-12 at 11:59, James Gregory wrote:

I was also referring to XFS 1.2 and to the current version of reiserfs
(3.6, isn't it?) just in case I was unclear there.

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