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[SLUG] Xsane/Gimp suddenly printing greyscale.

I have a problem where Xsane and the Gimp have suddenly switched from
printing in colour to printing in grayscale. I'm hoping that someone
might have encountered this before and know what the problem is.

RH8.0, using Epson 1160. Trying the three 1160 drivers (omni, gimp &
gimp-ijs) for the LPRD printing system to see which gives the best
printing[1] and last night, I found one that printed okay[2]. This
morning, the printouts are suddenly greyscale. I've been backthrough
each of the drivers and they all print in greyscale.

[1] I'm actually trying to copy the photograph index sheets for some
film I recently had developed so other people can order prints.

[2] For some reason Xsane prints these with a white/grey cast over ther
top in 2/3 of the drivers.

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