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Re: [SLUG] looking at vi file in wordpad

metcell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Dear slugers,
I have created a file using vi. When I look at the same file on a windows box with notepad it is loaded as one line and where I expect to have carriage returns i have box looking characters. Can someone tell me how I can replicate these box looking characters on a windows system using wordpad or notepad. i hope this all makes sense.

Open it in wordpad.exe instead. That will show the file OK.

Alternatively in Linux use the utility 'todos' and/or 'fromdos' to convert to the format that DOS expects (carriage return + linefeed at end of each line instead of the unix linefeed only [me thinks thats the way around]).

"tofrodos - Converts text files between DOS and Unix formats."

Mike Lake
Caver, Linux enthusiast and interested in anything technical.

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