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[SLUG] Re: [GLUG-chat] Locale and Sort order

In my normal blundering way I sent the guys at nautilus an email, "Hey you got bugs, why does 'a' come after 'X' in the file lists, its not logical". The super guru's sent me an email... "Hey Einstein, you got the C locale running... just change the locale".

The guru's may be a little off too. 'Cause A comes before X and a comes before x, but a comes after X.

Confused? Ok, files with a capatal letter as the first letter will come before the ones with lowercase letters, as will Directories.....

Anyway, to answer the questino there are many many ways to change the Locale on linux, the one way is when GDM comes up to login you change the "lang" type on the menu and the then login, but seen as you dont use GDM and just use xinit then you can do this a few otherway. Run the command locale and then see its output.

Then to change it you can use locale -a or -m to display all the different ones there are, remember to pipe (|) it to less cause there are a lot. Then cause its only bothering you in X then in your .xinitrc file you can reset them so when X starts up it uses them. eg....

locale >> ~/.xinitrc        (make sure you use the >> and not >)

then open .xinitrc and change the POSIX to en_ZA or en_US depending on where you be from....

Or just use

local | sed s/POSIX/en_ZA/g >> ~/.xinitrc

Anyway, hope it helps, call me if not, if it just rings then i may be on my way home and then i wont hear it.

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