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Re: [SLUG] Wine & MYOB

On Tue, 2004-07-13 at 23:05 +1000, Stuart Guthrie wrote:
> > > 1607: Unable to install Installshield Scripting Runtime

MYOB Premier's installer is Flash based - so you need flash installed. 

I run the commercial version of wine, "CrossOver Office" from
( www.codeweavers.com ). I found that I could install MYOB only after I
installed flash from [wherever] via "CrossOver Plugin". Once I did,
though, it installed fine.

However, when I ran it, it generated like 40 error dialog boxes about
file i/o. One time I actually clicked through through them, and found
MYOB running, which was cool, but the i/o errors had freaked me out a

I haven't gotten around to upgrading to their version 3.0 yet, so this
may have improved.

As for SQL-Ledger or GnuCash, if you are trying to get MYOB running for
business requirements, be a little hesitant with both. SL's multi
currency treatment is a bit whacked, and GnuCash openly acknowledge they
lack a number of features to be suitable for small business.


Andrew Frederick Cowie

Operations Consultants and Infrastructure Engineers


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