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[SLUG] Wine & MYOB

This was visited in the archives about 3 years ago with subscribers
saying that it works, but I don't believe them.  I can't even get it to

When I run wine d:\setup to run the Installshield from the CD, it starts
up OK but very early on in the piece it takes a dive with:

The setup program could not retrieve the volume information for drive
System message: Access denied

This message is then followed by 3 more messages, the only difference
being (C:\), (C:\) and (C:\windows) in turn.

I don't believe the last line as I have everything in my wine filesystem
set as a+w,a+r and owned by myself

After these error messages I get:

-2147024891: Internal error in Windows Installer

and then:

1607: Unable to install Installshield Scripting Runtime

OK, so perhaps I should be trying to use an installed system, but how do
I know what files I need in my various parts of the wine filesystem?

I really need to get this one going as it is the last link in getting a
client totally off M$ and onto Linux 100%.  Everything else is doable
with OS apps except for MYOB (I know about SQL-Ledger, I use it myself,
but I am trying to make the change appear as minimal to the client as


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