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RE: [SLUG] RSS Url Fetcher !

Hi Roger:

Yes I know of XML::RSS.

I ended up writing my own script to fetch the feeds
urls from some blog/rss engines, and then parses
it to XML::RSS. 

My only concern is not to do too many automated
searches via these blog engines. So am looking at how to deal
with this right now.

Does anyone know if the WWW::Search::SomeEngines modules from cpan
takes amount of automated searches into consideration ? I might end up
contacting the author of these backends about this.

I can't find anything about this from the POD docs for these backends
that's provided in CPAN.


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XML::RSS - creates and parses.  You'll need to retrieve the URL
separately, then feed (ahem) the result into the parse method.


- Rog

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> Hi:
> Does anyone know if there is a Perl module that retrieves RSS
> urls from Blogs/RSS search engines ?
> I've looked through CPAN with no luck, but I may have missed
> something.
> Thanks.
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> I'm always learning something new everyday. Thanks Sluggers.
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