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[SLUG] Help with Samba on Webmin

Hi all,

I'm having a hard time using Webmin to administer a box running Samba.  
The idea is for the client to use Webmin to fully administer the 
fileserver; from creating users to setting up share permissions, etc.

The problem I'm currently having is, using Webmin to create a share for 
Samba ends up with owner and group of the share directory set to root.  
This makes writing to the share in Windows not possible.  I've gone 
through a lot of documentation on the web and haven't found anything which 
points out what I could be doing wrong.

Of course I'm open to other suggestions on what else could be used 
instead.  I tried using SWAT but it doesn't create the actual directories 
when you create the shares for Samba so this requires a few extra steps 
which could make it complicated for the Windows user.

Ideally I'd like the client to avoid touching the Linux machine as much as 
possible.  Making it easier than doing it on Windows is preferable.

Thanks in advance,