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[SLUG] Flooded mail queue

WE have a sendmail installation that is trying to process a queue of 
some 1.8 million emails - mostly, as far as I can tell, double 
bounce, virus laden stuff.

Of course, sendmail is going into overload, and slowing the machine 
down enormously, and given that the emails are double-bounce, to no 
avail. But i tried to delete the queue with "rm *" in 
/var/spool/mqueue, but got "Argument list too long".

Can I just delete the mqueue directory? If so, will sendmail re-
create it on the fly, or do I need to manually re-create it?

Edwin Humphries,
Ironstone Technology Pty Ltd
Phone: 02 4233 2285
Fax: 02 4233 2299
Mobile: 0419 233 051