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Re: [SLUG] Outlook 2003 and imap

Yes I have heard of that but this seemds to be a authentication issue, not a network flood

I know that dovecot has configuration options to make LookOut! work:

# Workarounds for various client bugs:
#   oe6-fetch-no-newmail:
# Never send EXISTS/RECENT when replying to FETCH command. Outlook Express # seems to think they are FETCH replies and gives user "Message no longer # in server" error. Note that OE6 still breaks even with this workaround
#     if synchronization is set to "Headers Only".
#   outlook-idle:
#     Outlook and Outlook Express never abort IDLE command, so if no mail
# arrives in half a hour, Dovecot closes the connection. This is still # fine, except Outlook doesn't connect back so you don't see if new mail
#     arrives.

You might need to do some googling.