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Re: [SLUG] Redhat 8 server slow exploring

Hi Kenneth,
One way of dramatically speeding things up is to map a drive letter rather than exploring.


Kenneth Armstrong, White Property Group Pty Ltd wrote:
Hi sluugers - i'm new to this so forgive faux pas please
Setup - Redhat 8 as PDC serving a windows network - 4 of us in office connect our windows pc's to rh8 pdc - acts as file store and mail server using bynari insight server
problem - when i explore mapped drives using my workstation (windows explorer) it is very slow opening folders and populating the file lists - this also applies to exploring to files inside apps like msword and autocad.
I would appreciate some suggestions for a process of elimination - it worked very well until i had an "expert" come in and look at the setup (i set it up from scratch 1st time ever using linux - must say i have a great deal of respect for linux (much ore than windows) and setup was pretty easy)