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Re: [SLUG] Fedora Core 2 Blues Sound/Mouse

On Thu, 2004-06-17 at 13:14, woodgrove@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> I tried to upgrade to Fedora Core 2 from Redhat 9, as I 
> needed to upgrade to the latest GTK2.
> The result was that the sound card would not work, 

Fedora now uses ALSA
system.config-sound will help you set up your card

Make sure the volume (master and PCM / PCM2 are turned up)

> there was nothing on the desktop (except those items I 
> moved there from the link), 

~/Desktop is the new standard location for Gnome / KDE desktops. The old
place was ~/.gnome-desktop. I'd have thought things would've been moved
for you , but maybe not.

> X complained about not 
> being able to activate the XKB configurator, 

Open your X config file and set:

        Option      "XkbRules" "xorg"

It's prolly currently set to XFree86. That'll fix the problem, and
this'll be done by default in future.

> Mozilla 
> disappears in a puff of smoke after the starting has 
> finished (no explanation offered), 

How odd. What does it say if you try running it from the command line?

> a number of other X 
> applications behave similarly, it seems not to support 
> firewire, 

Indeed, 2.6.5 doesn't support firewire. There'll be an update soon
(maybe already) to fix this.

> and I have not been able to get the LIRC 
> (Linux Remote Control) driver to work with it 

Don't know about this one, I use bluetooth.