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Re: [SLUG] OK, I'm impressed :)

On Sun, 13 Jun 2004 12:51, kisa@xxxxxxxx wrote:
> Having done the same thing yesterday (even from Debian to Suse), my major
> problem with Suse 9.1 is that several of the key apps (for me) have been
> monumentally dumbed down - specifically Xine and other tools which make
> use of DSS and various video codecs for watching DVD's etc.
> At least there are websites for Fedora 2 which enable you to add their
> repositories to 'yum' (software installation tool) - from there, you can
> at least then install the various updates which aren't so limited.
> I haven't managed to find one for Suse yet :-(

For most of the SuSE Multimedia RPM's have a look at 

The libdvdcss-1.2.8.rpm can be obtained from here
although you can download all the xine stuff from this site I have had better 
results from the packman site.

If you are after gnome related packages have a look at 

Also the apt depositaries are at


Graham Smith