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Re: [SLUG] NIC Problem

Thanks Keith,

...and thanks Rob for the other reply,

I'll see if I can check the switch out and see what's going on at that end... but.. why would the other XW6000 boxes be working alright at boot and not these particular boxes?
Also is there away to manually configure the module/eth0 device to just start up with these settings?
....deep breath.... and.. Why would the switch be auto-negotiating with the module/device after it is unloaded and reloaded and not a boot? Would there be a difference?

Thanks again,


Keith Hopkins wrote:
Hi Malik,

  I have an idea about what is going on.  It isn't a problem with the XW6000 per se, it is a problem with the switch not matching the speed/duplex setting of the XW6000.

  If you check your switch, I think you'll find that either auto-negotiation is turned off on that port, or it is not set at 100FD.

  You can see in your previous posting that XW6000 is not autonegotiating at boot, so either the switch must do it, or that port on the switch must be manually set to match the speed/duplex of the XW6000.

  There was a time in the not too distant past, before N-Way auto-negotiation came out, when you would have the same result as you are seeing if your machine's NIC and the attached switch were BOTH trying to auto-negotiate. (but that probably has nothing to do with this problem, but might explain why your card is not set to auto-negotiate at boot.)  N-way cleared up that problem.

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