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Re: [SLUG] Which open source license is best

Ken Foskey wrote:

On Sat, 2004-06-05 at 13:18, Mary Gardiner wrote:

- for larger projects: LGPL or GPL, because I tend to be interested in
  the health of the project more than the ability of people to use the
  code for whatever purpose they like (distributing the code is healthy
  for the project, distributing changes is healthy, but "making a
  closed source fork" isn't because it won't help the project grow).

This is the crux of the argument isn't it.  Whether we ensure the
continued growth of FOSS.

Is the use of FOSS code in applications that are closed a huge evil or
do we want to propagate the use of FOSS code.  If we have another
programmer using the code and (hopefully) contributing bug fixes to a
library then isn't this better for all.  It is creating a standard.

The other approach is the GPL approach that says that in order to
strengthen GPL you must create GPL libraries and place a burden on the
commercial programmer to choose between GPL or rewriting the
functionality.  The programmer must relearn a proprietary solution if
they can find one because of the license or rewrite the library.  What
will happen to their next program?  Will they contribute that code back?
Unlikely and not useful if they do.

As a CompSci student and wannabe developer I must admit I'm a bit baffled and running scared with all the legal hoops involved in software development.

Just one small Q, lets say I develop an app and release it under say the GPL, if I then improve on this app adding new features and functionality and wish to make a $ with it can I then release it under a <shudder>>closed source</shudder> license even though it is heavily based on GPL'd code?