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Re: [SLUG] ISDN + T(unmentionable)

On Sat, 2004-06-05 at 13:00, Doug Foskey wrote:
> Thanks for that. yes it is S bus. What is the difference? (ie where do I find 
> info, & can I use it with a hub using an adaptor?)

S-Bus is (roughly) equivalent the the phone-jack on an analogue circuit.
Current NT1's from telstra are often dual-mode, supporting S-Bus and USB

Assuming you want to use a linux gateway, you need to by a ISDN TA PCI
card, which linux has quite good support for, then you can use your
linux gateway to do the ppp dialup as you usually would. Oh, you can
also choose whether to use 64Kb or 128Kb on the gateway.

If you don't plan on a linux gateway, then you can buy a cheap
ISDN<->Ethernet router from $wherever and configure that up to perform
the dialup & NAT.

Given your plan for concurrent modem access, I suggest the linux gateway
+ ISDN TA PCI card.


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