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[SLUG] Apache logs, webalizer, logresolve setup

a while back, (with a lot of help from the slug list), I managed to setup
a RH73 Apache 1.3x server. but, unfortunately (for me), I never ended up
setting up Apache log processing for vhosts...

so, now I'm trying to get it completed...:

I opted for cronlog log processing, so, now I have, in each vhosts's
httpd.conf a directive like:

CustomLog "|/usr/sbin/cronolog
/home/a_name.org.au/logs/%Y-%m-%d-access.log" combined

then I end up with logs in format:


containing like:
[logs]# ls
2004-05-15-access.log      2004-05-21-access.log
2004-05-16-access.log      2004-05-22-access.log

how do I setup a script to logresolve that days' log and, run webalizer ?