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Re: [SLUG] rhn's /var/spool/up2date/* : is it needed ?

Terry Collins wrote:
lists@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

RH73; is there much point keeping the files in up2date ?

# du -H /var/spool/up2date
490M    /var/spool/up2date

I pressume these are all updates the system d/l from rhn, and, if I was to
re-install from original media, I'd need all these to 'bring it back' to
same state ?

Burn them off to a CD?

up2date is dead.  long live yum.

If you have RH73 then you should be getting your updates from
www.fedoralegacy.org via yum, and not from RedHat any more, at
which point everything in /var/spool/up2date can be removed,
as it will begin to accumulate in /var/cache/yum instead.