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Re: [SLUG] virus bombing from the same host

This one time, at band camp, Simon Males wrote:

> I'm getting virus filled attachments from one french (dam the french) 
> host: *.wanadoo.fr

Wannadoo is one of the largest French ISPs.  It does cable and the
like.  And, I think, they own one of the big UK ISPs (Freeserve?).

> I tried postmaster@xxxxxxxxxx a while ago, with no luck. I know of one 
> frenchman, i have dug up his site (which has also being exploited- 
> phpnuke) and just fired off an email.

Yeah you're unlikely to get much response from them, being so huge.
Can't you just block that sender?

Rev Simon Rumble <simon@xxxxxxxxxx>

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  pockets that they cannot separately plunder a third."
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