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[SLUG] ssh client timing out

I have a LAN with two OS X boxen logging into a debian woody server
running ssh2d. Both are running OS X 10.2.8 but one will time out after
about 10 minutes of no activity with the following message:

Read from remote host <hostname>: Connection reset by peer
Connection to <hostname> closed.

The other never times out. My user (happens to be my wife) is getting very
p**d off with me because I can't fix it. Can someone help me save my

I can't see anything in sshd2_config that would point to the problem, and
in any case it only happens for the one specific client. I've googled and
can't find any solutions, although others seem to have had the same
problem. I can log into the linux box from anywhere else with no problem.

The LAN is setup thus:

	server -> switch -> os x(doesn't time out)
		 os x(times out)

Could that have anything to do with it?