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Re: [SLUG] CUPS and escputil

* Simon Wong (linux@xxxxxxxxx) wrote:

> > However, I want to check the ink level, and for this I need to use a command
> > line tool, escputil.
> > 
> > The output for 
> > 
> > $ escuptil -i -r /dev/lp0  is
> > 'Cannot parse output from printer'.
> Try the "-d" option that identifies the printer to confirm that it
> recognizes it.
Strangely, the -d option gives an answer:


which I hope refers to STylus.

I'm wondering if for anything more useful, I need to use lppasswd or other
options in the cups.conf file.

I like CUPS. But I think  that there's a way to go with it before it is 
understandable to the average IT professional.

> I don't have my USB printer here so can't think of anything else.
I'm using the parallel port connection, fwiw. Could't face the prospect of
the additional problems usb might bring.
> HTH.
Yes, it did.