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[SLUG] TPG DSL200 on Debian


I am in Sydney using TPG and they gave me D-Link
DSL200 as the free modem (USB modem).

Last night I've tried to connect this modem with
Unfortunetly, the modem that I've got is the newest
version of DSL200: Generation II, much more smaller
than the previous one.

I spoke with the eci maintaner via IRC, they ask me to
install manually with different package called
"nortek"  But, even I install it, the result is the
same: my Debian can not detect the modem.

Eci has a aspecial script to make sure that the kernel
and everything are ready for the modem, and my Debian
met all the requirements, not a problem. My Debian
also can detect the modem when I plug or unplug it.

The reason I keep this modem rather than buying
another adsl-router is because, hey, that is why we
using Linux, cost effective. And this is why Linux is
an interesting thing to learn... :)

Is there someone out there has been successful in
using the new version of DSL200?

Kind regards,


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