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[SLUG] [ComputerBank] Hardware Sorting Day -- This Weekend -- Seven Hills

Greetings all,

The lease is coming up for renewal at ComputerBank's Seven Hills storage
site and as such there is a mountain of equipment to be sorted and
categories as to whether it's to be recycled or given away.

There is also a fair amount of organisation to be done before we either
take over the premises from the organisation previously running it for
us or, depending on how negotiations go, move elsewhere.

As such we're in need of knowledgeable volunteers to help out this
weekend with some hardware sorting/testing etc. so if you have a couple
of hours, or even a couple of days to spare feel free to come along and
lend a hand for a good cause.

We'll also be conducting ComputerBank's perpetual Monitor Sale and have
available a very large range of other esoteric older parts that you may
need which we will quite happily let you offer us some money for :-) (of
course if you lend a hand for long enough we might just give it away to
you as well) 

Lunch will be provided to the volunteers at the appropriate time and
refreshments will be available. To help us cater for the masses please
drop a quick email to dan@xxxxxxxxxxxx (just reply to this email) and
let us know if you're thinking about or intending to come. But you're
still free to come along even if you don't RSVP.

The sorting will take place BOTH days this weekend feel free to come on
either or more preferably BOTH :-)

There's a fair bit of work to be done and many hands make light work. So
feel free to bring a couple of friends along.

If you'd like to help out a little more long term you can also join
ComputerBank on the day for the grand sum of $10.

Now for the details

Location: Seven Hills Warehouse
Address:  Unit 32 195 Prospect Highway Seven Hills
          (just north of Seven Hills Station opposite
           Lucas Road)
Date:     This Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th May 2004
Time:     10am onward

Hope to see you all there,