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[SLUG] CUPS detecting printers I don't control

Hi everyone,

I'm very much a Linux printing newbie because I don't own my own

I've installed cupsys on my Debian (unstable) system to try and print
using printers shared among my large set of collegues. The problem is
that CUPs seems to be detecting printers advertised (somehow) by one of
my collegues' Debian machines, which is definitely not the group's print
server. When I visit http://localhost:631/printers , I see a list of
printers on my collegue's server, but I cannot delete these printers,
because the "Delete printer" link points at

Is there any way I can delete these entries from my own CUPS
configuration? Is having them there likely to be a problem when I try
and print? (I cannot print at present and I'm trying to eliminate
causes.) How do I prevent my own CUPS entries being advertised in the
same way?