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Re: [SLUG] moving partition hda9 -> hda1

cd /<place where /dev/hda1 mounted>
dumpe2fs /dev/hda9 | dumpe2fs -r

THIS NOT EXACT!!  basically you dump one fs and then restore to the other
fs.  Maybe someone knows the exact commands off the top of their head, but
I have to go so this is a quick reply.

Good luck,

> On Sat, May 08, 2004 at 06:36:06PM +1000, Russell Davie wrote:
>> Hi
>> I want to move the Linux partition in hda9 to hda1.
>> Yes, after too much procrastination, Linux is been promoted from ext.
>> partiton to replace the other OS!
>> how can this be done with out trashing the system?
>> I plan to copy on to another hdisk as well, though not yet installed.
>> regards
>> Russell
> There are two ways to do it that have worked for me.  One way is to
> turn hda1 into an ext2 (or ext3) partition with cfdisk and mke2fs
> (and perhaps tunefs -j to make it ext3), then copy in the whole
> filesystem from hda9 (not including /proc, or better yet do it when
> it's not running, like from knoppix or a rescue disk) with
> cp -a /mnt-hda1/* /mnt-hda2/ or similar.
> The other way is to dd if=/dev/hda9 of=/dev/hda1 (from a rescue disk),
> to make a bit for bit copy of the partition.  Another way to do this
> would be to image /dev/hda1 with partimage or similar and restore to
> /dev/hda9.  (dd can be really slow, but IIRC you can find out how it's
> going by sending kill -1 `pidof dd` or something like that).
> But whatever you do you have to modify /etc/lilo.conf and /etc/fstab
> on the new partition.  Modifying the files is easy, you just mount the
> new filesystem.  Then you have to run lilo on the new partition.
> You can do this with chroot from the existing installation.
> It's something like chroot /mnt-hda1 /sbin/lilo
> or you can boot from a rescue disk.
> I'm no expert, so expect some corrections :-)  Depending on your
> boot manager setup it might be different for example.
> Patrick Lesslie
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