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i believe there is a gnome version of oo that has ms
style buttons and stuff.

also gnome or kde should behave enough like windows
for normal users. just click on button, click on app.

personally i cant stand using windows at all, i find it
cant run the applications i want to use not that it
has enough applications. i also find it very unproductive
and not very user friendly.

infact all the complaints that are against linux usability
i honestly feel against windows.

i mean, how much effort is it to sort a test file in windows
vs linux?

cat file.txt | sort > file2.txt

now try that fast in windows.

but seriously, lindows is supposed to be ok. and gnome and
kde sites should shed some light.


Simon Bryan wrote:
| On Sat, May 8, 2004 2:20 pm, James Gregory said:
|>Hey all,
|>I've been getting a lot of requests from people for whom I've setup
|>Linux desktops who are becoming increasingly frustrated with the fact
|>that their Linux box doesn't behave "like windows". There's a bunch of
|>ways this manifests, but most commonly I field complaints that
|>OpenOffice is "completely unusable" on the basis that menu items are
|>arranged differently.
| Strange I get the same complaints, but it is due to using differnet
| versions of MS Office and different versions of Windows!
| Have you looked at customising the toolbars to put some things in the
| 'right'place, but ask first which version of Office on which version of
| Windows you want to emulate.
| In addition for things that have keyboard shortcuts - all the ones I have
| used are the same. So start with a cheat sheet of these to turn them into
| 'Power Users' - at least convince them of that.
| Alternatively I have shown some MS addicts Lindows (not sure of it's
| current status) and they were quite happy with that.
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