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[SLUG] Triple Boot: XP, Fedora & RH7.2

I currently have a dual boot machine with WinXP and fedora - works 
fine with GRUB as the bootloader.

I need to add a second hard disk with a RedHat 7.2-based application, 
and add this to the Grub menu.

How do I do that? I can't remember what the kernel version was with 
the drive: do I need to install it as the default drive and boot it 
to record the information?

Or can I install it as a slave, boot into Fedora, mount the 
partitions (somehow - instructions would be appreciated) and get the 
information for Grub from there?

Edwin Humphries,
Ironstone Technology Pty Ltd
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Fax: 02 4233 2299
Mobile: 0419 233 051