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Re: [SLUG] ext3 recovery tools

If you can, dd the entire disk into chunks
and save it cd-writable or tape NOW, before
you do anything else.  I have a python script
which does this and saves md5 checksums of
the result as well.  Ask me if you want this.

I think you have a real task ahead of you to

However, if your really keen or clever,
forensics tools like "The Sleuth Kit"
or The Coroner's Toolkit
might help.

Foremost (foremost.sourceforge.net) might help 
too; it ignores the file system structure
and just looks for beginning and endings 
of files.  So it needs distinctive files (e.g.
jpeg) and contiguous files.

Of course, there are commercial file recovery
services for linux now, as well.  Depends on
what it's worth to you.