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Re: [SLUG] weird CGI problem

jimd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Hi,
> I've been working on cgi-bin/A.pl at a website.
> A particular form in A.pl used to activate B.pl but had to be changed to A.pl 
> Mysteriously, as soon as this change was made (with nothing else being changed),
> the resulting invocation of A.pl by itself results in A.pl being downloaded
> rather than executed.

Guesing .... the old one under the old name may still be cached in 
either your browser or the web servers memory.

1. stop and start your browser.
2. stop and restart the web server. If you can't do that write a bash 
script to call the new script 1000 times or so.

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Chemistry, Materials & Forensic Science, UTS
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