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Re: [SLUG] [Job: Syd] Java Coder wanted

> On Thu, Feb 26, 2004, Terry Collins wrote:
>> ...snip....
>> > want to send to jobs@xxxxxxxxxxx instead.
>> Does that list still take spam from agencies?
> I'm not sure who is filtering posts to that list... it was Tony Green
> for a while, maybe it still is. In practice, about 50% of the posts are
> people asking for work, the rest non-agency. But I don't know whether
> that's because agency stuff is filtered out :)

IIRC, we've only had one agency posting on the list.  That was from a guy
who I knew and who was recruiting for a FOSS related position within a
company who was known to be linux friendly.
All of the other agency posts we had (when I was running the list) were
turned down.  I can't speak for the current admins.....
Tony Green <tgreen@xxxxxxxxxxx>