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RE: [SLUG] Notebook WiFi Recommendations?

I bought a PCMCIA Orinoco-based card from EE late in December (I think
it's called a ZoomAIR). Works a real treat in Linux! Good driver support
(can even be switched into monitor/PF_PACKET mode with a little kernel

CISCO Aironet cards I've heard also work well (and can do monitor too).



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On Mon, 16 Feb 2004 07:23 pm, James Gray wrote:

> So with the success of her machine, I'm itching to un-tether my lappy 
> and be able to lounge around in my favorite bean bag in front of the 
> TV etc while I work.  So given the limited driver support under Linux 
> what have people *had success* with?

Anyone know anything about these el-cheapo "Spirit" pcmcia cards?  Dick 
Smith have them in stock just down the road....the price is right too (.


Pity the guys over at EverythingLinux don't have PCMCIA WiFi
get my $$$ :(

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