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Re: [SLUG] A Driver for a Scanner.

Dick Smith & Jaycar do 1A plugpacks. Ortherwise I would try an old notebook 
p/s as most are around 18v, which would be near enough. Watch the polarity, 
as there is no standard on those DC power connectors.

regards Doug

On Mon, 16 Feb 2004 05:09 pm, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> <quote who="Bill Bennett">
> > I was given an Agfa 1212p Snapscan.
> >
> > Without a power supply.
> >
> > So, first off, can anybody confirm that this unit requires
> > 16V DC to supply approx 0.9-1.0 amp?
> Whoa! Weird. I have a USB version of the same scanner, and my power adapter
> died. I can indeed confirm this, and also confirm how much of a PITA it is
> when no one stocks one - I have just been looking in the last two days!
> > Which I will make. No problems thus far.
> Um... What are the chances of making two? :-) I would happily pay for your
> services. :-)
> > The driver for this unit, however, is something else.
> While the kernel side of things was usbscanner.o (which worked okay), you
> are better off using the libusb user-space support for it that comes with
> xsane. Indeed, usbscanner has been removed from the 2.6 kernels because the
> user-space support is so much saner (mind the pun). :-)
> Thanks,
> - Jeff
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