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[SLUG] A Driver for a Scanner.

I was given an Agfa 1212p Snapscan.

Without a power supply.

So, first off, can anybody confirm that this unit requires
16V DC to supply approx 0.9-1.0 amp?

Which I will make. No problems thus far.

The driver for this unit, however, is something else.

It appears (from a search of the Web) that Agfa do
not greatly care for Linux, to the extent that they
will not release any information whereby a driver
could be written.

I have a feeling that someone was trying to reverse
engineer a driver, although this would probably be
a time-consuming project.

Does anyone know whether a driver for this unit
exists? If ir doesnt, I may have to conect it to a
Windows machine.

And I don't want that.

Any help etc.,


Bill Bennett.