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Re: [SLUG] Maildir layout with IMAP?

* Gavin Carr <gavin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Sonia,
> >I'm using Maildir style folders with an IMAP server (bincimap), and I
> ..
> By the looks you don't need leading dots on your subfolders, so try
> nesting them *inside* your INBOX folder. You might also experiment 
> with whether the two-stage Maildir/INBOX separation is required - on
> Courier the top Maildir is just treated as INBOX directly on the 
> client side.

* David Kempe <dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Sonia Hamilton wrote:
> >I'm using Maildir style folders with an IMAP server (bincimap), and I
> ..
> I wouldn't touch the server side at all - you can adjust the behaviour 
> client side.
> in OE and I think some outlooks, you can find the IMAP tab in the 
> account properties. Then specific the root folder path to be 'INBOX'
> that way all the mails appear in the correct layout.
> OE is much better than outlook as an IMAP client - also seriously 
> consider thunderbird on windows which is cool atm.

Thanks Guys. It worked first go with Mozilla mail, and my test user
liked it, so I'm going to go straight to Mozilla rather than the
intermediate step of Outlook/OE + IMAP.

When I get some time I'll have a play with the Outlook & Maildir
configs, just to see if I can work out how to do it ;-)

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