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[SLUG] Re: [CTTE] Trouble finding Linux

Thanks Mary. I'll give them a try.

>>> mary@xxxxxxxxxxx 09/02/04 3:07:46 pm >>>
Hi Greg,

I don't know of any myself, but you're probably better off asking the
main SLUG list: slug@xxxxxxxxxxx (watch the archives at
http://lists.slug.org.au/archives/slug/ for a reply if you don't want to
join the list).

The SLUG committee is fairly small -- most of our Linux experts are on
slug@xxxxxxxxxxx . You may find that someone's willing to send you a
copy, even.


On Mon, Feb 09, 2004, CFA Wholesale wrote:
> G'day.

> I'm interested in installing Linux on my home pc. I've heard that
> Mandrake is probably the best for a beginner like myself, but I'm having
> trouble finding a copy of this or any other version. As I would prefer
> not to order online, I have been scouring newsagents trying to find a
> copy included with a magazine (as recommended by your website and
> others) with no luck. Do you know of any current publications that have
> this included, and if so, which newsagents in Sydney City might stock
> it?

> Thanks
> Greg

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