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Re: [SLUG] jdk1.4.1

On Thu, 2004-02-05 at 22:30, mlh@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> If you're using java 1.4.x then there is no reason not
> to go to the latest .. which I think is 1.4.2_03 or something.

I have to second that notion. 

Unless you have a large production platform (in which case you have to
do migration and regression testing before deploying something as
fundamental and core as a new JVM), you'd do well to quickly move to
whatever the latest release from Sun is [assuming you're using their

Note that, especially on Solaris, JVM stability is typically  achieved
in the x.y.[1-3]_0[1-4] range. They have a lot of enterprise users, and
people flush out the significant bugs pretty thoroughly. Not quickly,
mind you, but eventually. The x.y.0 releases are notorious for being
flaky as hell.

Going with a x.y.2_03 (as was suggested above) is likely a good move.

[That pattern applies to all of Sun's release engineering - you'd be
foolish to adopt Solaris 12 when it comes out, but Solaris 12/4 will be
rock solid.

Come to think of it, that pattern applies to Linux Kernels too :)]


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