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[SLUG] List policy vote: outcome

So, SLUG list policy has been settled for the foreseeable future by a
vote of financial members.


The final outcome was that 26 people voted to retain current list policy
(option a), and 4 people to require that non-subscriber posts be
moderated (option b). Neither option c (non-subscribers not allowed to
post at all) nor option d (non-financial members not allowed to post)
has a speaker prepared to defend them, so they were not part of the
final vote.

Hence, SLUG admins will retain the current policy: non-subscribers will
be able to post without moderation, and the admins will try and prevent
spam reaching SLUG using Postfix, SpamAssassin and Mailman checks on
content of the mails, rather than the From address.


The original four options for SLUG list policy were:

a) Leaving it alone

b) Moving to a moderated list.

    Non-subscriber posts would be moderated. Subscriber posts would be
    allowed through.

    This option requires three willing moderators.

c) Changing it to a members only list.

    Non-subscriber posts would be discarded. Subscriber posts would be
    allowed through.

d) Changing it to a financial members only list.

    Only financial members could post to the list.


If you feel absolutely compelled to discuss this any further, do so on
slug-chat. (Unless you are asking about configuration for lists YOU