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[SLUG] disregard previous mail

Please disregard my last email with subject `9fans', it was accidentally
generated. I considered not saying anything, but this is quicker than
explaining to everyone individually what happened. (Those technically
inclined can scroll down for a longer explanation)

Occasionally I use this script ``msg'' for firing off quick single line
messages to people via email. The ali command takes an alias and
sends a mail to the corresponding address in my aliases file. I hadn't
used it for some time and invoked msg without arguments for a usage line,
which I hadn't bothered implementing. This led to ali being run
without arguments, which prints _every_ address I keep. All very
embarrassing, apologies.

#!/usr/bin/env rc
w=$1 && shift
mailx -s$^* `{ali $w || echo $w} </dev/null >/dev/null >[2=1]