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Re: [SLUG] RedHat 8/9 - ADSL dialup

> > I could do the same for the ADSL connection, but now I'm
> > wondering how much of a security risk is it to have
> > X-Windows and kde on the dial-up/firewall machine? Note
> > that I'll have a pretty secure ipchains script running on
> > the dialup machine.
In case you were wondering. You can also block access to
X ports on the internet side, and allow access from your LAN.

The other way you could tackle it is by booting your machine
at run level 3 rather than 5. If you have ssh you can run 
X apps without the need to run X.

I guess this is a little off your topic.

> I think I've found the answer to this question myself...
> use the adsl-setup script.


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